A chinese approach

Dr Li Ying Che talks about an approach to working with Bach essences within Chinese medicine by sensing the energy field of the patient

Thoughts on 'A chinese approach'

  • Pamela Semmens
    09 July 2015

    I have been using Dr.Bach flower essences in my clinic for 22 years. Using the map book found it beneficial. Visiting the U.K my home place over ten years ago I also visited the cottage of Dr.Bach just outside of London England.

  • Debbie
    15 April 2013

    I found this inspiring and would love to learn more about working in this way. Thank you Dr. Ying Chi Li

  • Susan
    07 June 2012

    I found this presentation fascinating and very helpful when I reflect on my understanding and use of the Bach flower remedies. Thank you for making available Dr. Ying Chi Li's healing practices.

  • Dorothy
    25 April 2012

    Fascinating series of diagnostics. Thank you for integrating this information for us.

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