Sweet Chestnut

Sweet Chestnut - Form and Function

Thoughts on 'Sweet Chestnut'

  • JB
    11 February 2020

    I know those Sweet Chestnut trees on Mount Ohi. They are so old and beautiful, powerful and wise. They are on the south-western slopes below the old Dragon House at the top. Sweet Chestnuts grow here so strongly because of the volcanic soils. You can read about them in my book Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function https://www.healingherbs.co.uk/product/form-and-function-paperback/

  • Elena Gogou
    10 February 2020

    I have been in the ancient chestnut forest in southern Evia, Greece. It was unspeakably eerie and uplifting at the same time. I felt among ancient grandmothers. These days I live 40km away from another old chestnut forest in the north of Greece. There is a sweetness and power emanating from the trees, who are truly majestic. Just being there, you feel that nothing can go wrong.

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