The language of plants

An insight into plant behaviour

Thoughts on 'The language of plants'

  • graham
    20 May 2017

    I find this approach to the study of Bach flowers fascinating.

  • Jane
    27 April 2015

    A beautiful and informative encapsulation of the language and meaning of plants. Makes me want to learn more.

  • Elizabeth
    09 April 2014

    Very helpful indeed.Though it is obvious that you have a very deep understanding of the language of plants it was presented in such a way that I found it simple to understand. Thank you.

  • Jayshri
    26 March 2013

    I found the commentary very interesting and insightful and could imagine the depth at which Dr Bach was working when he discovered the remedies, to be able to associate emotions and thoughts of humans with the plants and flowers . We are indeed connected in this universe!

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