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privacy policy

This page describes what information we collect about you and how we collect it.

If you leave a comment, or a contribution on this website, you are asked to enter your email address and we will keep on our servers within the EU. Beyond that, we do not collect other personal information about you.

We make no mailing activities to any email address so collected or we make them available to other organizations.

If you contact us for information in order to process your request we will not send any of your personal information to third parties unless we have not given us permission to do so.

We record the use of the website from visitors to improve it. Our records do not contain personal information about you or relating to other sites you have visited.

This privacy policy relates only to our site, so when you move to another site be aware that will have a different data processing policy.

In the event of changes to the current data processing policy, we will upload an updated version on this page.

Having regular eye on this page, you will be sure to be always aware of what information we collect and what we do with treatment.


A "cookie" is a text file that a website installs on a user's computer. Every time the user views a page on a website after a cookie is installed, the website will recognize you.

You can disable cookies for this website or for any website, but it would cause that some features of some websites may no longer work for you.

This site uses a service called Google Analytics that uses cookies to generate statistical information and not just the use that users make of the website. Google Analytics collects information anonymously, and they include information on how you found this site, which pages you looked at while you were here and for how long, at what time of day was your visit, if you have previously visited the site in the past and in what area of ​​the world you are.

Although we have access to this information, they are retained by Google and are subject to its privacy policy. You can prevent Google Analytics to collect this information by disabling JavaScript in your web browser. If you find yourself within the European Union, the Google Analytics tool may retain the information outside the EU. The United States does not have the same laws in matters of personal data protection of the European Union. By using this website, you consent to such transfers.

Terms and Conditions

This website is run by Healing Herbs Ltd and legal terms under which it operates are the same as the parent company. These terms are governed by English Law and are explained (in English only)  here .